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 Serving metro Detroit providing a masonry replacement and new construction service.




Traditional concrete can give a home an industrial look, but new designer concrete methods create an enjoyable environment transforming any home or business. With contemporary acid staining methods, stamping techniques to give patterns from bricks to cobblestone or even to match the local rocks, and even epoxy toppings for a designer look can create a look that is just stunning and very durable.

 A concrete patio adds beauty, functionality and livability to any backyard or recreational area. Using your design impressions and ideas with some of our own to create a unique look for you that will be a joy to use and look at.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete has been around for 1000ís of years, but Stamped Concrete is a newer design concept which began back in the 50ís. It is finally coming into its own as an upscale designer treatment with the invention of more technically correct stamping tools which make it hard to determine if an item is really paved with slate, for example, or stamped with a concrete pattern. Compliment the existing landscaping or plan to make a total transformation to your yard around one of our designs.


 Stamped concrete can provide a decorative option if you are looking for adding design flair and creating a focal point for your outdoor patio area. Stamped and acid stained decorative concrete can replicate a look like expensive flagstone, brick, slate and stone for a fraction of the cost. with better then expected durability and luster your home will contain that renewed look for years to come.

The pictures of stamped concrete really don't do the justice to the beauty that we install for you and your family that will bring joy for years to come. family and friends will be struck with the beauty of your transformed patio area or stamped and exposed concrete driveway changing the entire look of your home. improvements add value, with our artesian concrete designs excel the look and value of your home with in a few days from commencement.

Intergrading different decorative finishes to achieve a one of a kind look propels us above the competition. using special forming techniques and modern designs we can achieve artesian concrete designs that sends our products to that extraordinary level.

Stamped Patterns

Stamped patterns can look like slate paving stones; elaborate brickwork, natural stone work, even an English cobblestone street. Unlike its unrealistic predecessor, that looked more like cookie cutter shapes, new stamped concrete creates realistic designs in your luxury landscape. The new polyurethane stamps are molded to mimic natural, organic shapes and designs.

Decorative concrete can be personalized with stamped designs and colored with traditional stamping integrated coloring or enhanced acid and water based stains that are as individualized as your imagination.

 We also offer contoured concrete patio options for special projects such as pool walkway decks and confined areas getting the most of your yard home or business. Concrete patio designs can be tiered to accommodate garden ponds, ambient lighting systems, fire pits, fountains, spas and built-in garden elements.

After the Job is completed, setting up your patio furniture will be a rewarding exercise as you see the finalization of your project and marvel at the way your backyard transformed with in a few days.



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