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 Serving metro Detroit providing a masonry replacement and new construction service.





 Several products are available to help ensure your concrete's longevity and knowing the right application for the job will help you protect and insure that your project will stay beautiful for years to come.

  • Wire mesh - roll and sheet

  • Fiber mesh concrete additive

  • Recycled Steel bar stock

 These are just a few of the main products, there are several different choices based on the various necessities the job might call for. The concrete itself can be engineered for several different types of applications, indoor and outdoor, water repelling and high strength to name a few. 

Taking these precautions will help ensure your stamped concrete driveway or exposed concrete patio a long lasting endurance and beauty for years to come.





 The final touches to your Stamped Concrete driveway or exposed aggregate concrete patio project is applying a coat of concrete sealer, there are three choices depending on the type of finish you desire. From a flat finish to a wet look

  • Flat

  • Semi-Gloss

  • High Gloss

 Using sprayers and rollers to apply a few coats we can give your project that shock and awe affect by bringing out the depth of the color and at the same time protecting the concrete from stains and weathering giving a long lasting beautiful finish.



 Maintenance - a quick rinse with the garden hose keeping your project beautiful.




Griffin Cement is Licensed and registered in the state of Michigan  (c)2009